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The first ranking optimization techniques a website for search engines made their appearance inin usenet, few years after the appearance of the first search engine. The operators of search engines realized that the designers of web trying seo small business to affect the natural results of a search often deceiving the search engines and therefore the end user. Inthe annual airweb congress which has the theme of minimizing harmful consequences of aggressive web designer. Several companies use aggressive┬╗ seo techniques the effect of punishment and the prohibition of their websites from search engines. In particular, companies which market seo techniques in various other businesses to improve their awareness, use seo to increased risk strategies which result not only to punish the companies provide seo services and companies who hired.

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For example, the wall street journalin an article says that google penalized and customers, removing the web pages from the index. Google has restrictions on websites that rank to prevent web designers use deceptive techniques. For example, prohibits the existence hidden text, the use of foreground and background local business seo the same color, punishing offenders with no ranking of their websites.instead, other search engines like yahoo and msn apply more flexible policy regarding seo techniques, winning so large share of the market for search engines. All the search engines provide users with a guide permitted seo measures and instructions for effectively improving ranking of their websites. For example, google provides a guide which informs of websites responsible if search engine trouble in the ranking of the website and the information concerning the movement conferred on them by google.

Unlike the past, the new sites should not be submitted on search google local seo engines to access, and categorized. However, the companies google and yahoo offer possibility of creating and submitting xml files to help and accelerate the categorization of a website. The sitemap google offers this feature and extra as yahoo offer siteexplorer for submitting the website address for a firm or user information such as the number of web pages that are in the yahoo index. Generally, most popular search engines take time of from a few days to weeks for their programs to discover a new website, visit all internal hyperlinks and to introduce in the index and to categorize. Machines search using different programs, crawlers, to visit a website and usually do not visit all an area sites.

In an article by et al.described some standards for the decisions taken by the crawlers as what pages will be included in the search engine index, moreover, the enabling of web designers are given to guide spiders programs that do not include some pages the index via the robots.txt file in the root directory. Some companies make use of this possibility to avoidthey appear natural sites results in a dynamic and oriented to specific users. White hat techniques the efficient design of a website is only the beginning of the process seo. Search engines do not care about the appearance of page, but interested in the technical details. The technical details include two types of information.

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These distinguished generally to on-page and off-page. So, this becomes on-page optimization and off-page optimization. In addition, as previously reported optimization techniques are separated on good-natured, white hat, and malicious, black hat. The white hat include moving in the general instructions and principles what is acceptable and what is see here not from the search engines. Generally, focused on developing appropriate content to be more easily accessible from the crawlers of the search engine programs.

Very often, web designers make serious mistakes omissions in the google local seo design of web pages, resulting in low their ranking in the natural results of a search. The technical white hat seos trying to find and correct these errors, as it is not accessible from the menu browser, 'broken' hyperlinks and temporary missions to new addresses. As search engines are primarily based on the text, many of techniques used for easy access to a site and an effective seo techniques.